One of the biggest pitfalls when it comes to weight-loss

Most women approach a weight-loss program with gusto.  We’re spurred on with visualisations of ourselves at the end of the program strutting our stuff in our slinky new outfit – then bam!

You reach the end of the program and find you haven’t reached your target weight – you start to internalise and sabotage yourself for possible reasons why.

More often than not, the answer boils down to one thing (and it has nothing to do with weakness or lack of willpower)…

Body shame.

We get caught up in the self-sabotage pattern and don’t allow ourselves to love our bodies.


Why do SO many women do this?   When you hate your body, then no one else can hurt you.  As unkind as we are to ourselves, this way of being ‘keeps us safe’. Because if you don’t love yourself then there is nothing anyone can take away from you.

You think you are protecting yourself, but really you keep yourself trapped and avoid any chance of loving the skin you are in and accepting yourself just as you are.

Don’t let negative thought patterns sabotage your goals – you deserve to live in a body you love!

Swapping out negative thought patterns for more compassionate ones might feel vulnerable to start with, but I can promise you this: when you let go, when you start showing you and your body compassion, you start to experience the feeling you’ve been searching for in diets: love & self-acceptance.

So the next time you approach a weight-loss plan, make sure your mind-set is in check as this can make all the difference – because to reach your destination, you need to start loving your body just as it is right now.

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