The chemical storm affecting our wellbeing EVERY DAY

Two years ago I had no clue that what I was putting on my skin might be affecting my wellbeing – food and lifestyle choices yes, but skincare?

When I learnt that certain skin products (as well as household products), might be part of the reason behind my hormonal chaos, then I had to make it my business to find out more.

Just living our normal lives we are exposed to more than 700 dangerous chemicals that disrupt our endocrine system (remember, this is our internal messaging centre where our hormones talk to each other, so we don’t want to mess with this).


These chemicals can be found not just in skincare but in toothpaste, deodorant, sunscreen, food preservatives, the lining of cans that hold food, and many kinds of plastic.  Basically HUNDREDS of products that we use daily.

I used to think that what we ate was more important than what we put on our skin but not so, they’re equally important.  You just need to think about how a nicotine patch works to understand how much our body absorbs through our skin.  It is after all our largest organ.

What enters our body, whether it be via our mouths or our skin, has an affect on our health and wellbeing, in either a negative or a positive way.  You can choose which, if you know the facts.

Every day we are using products that we think are safe, but the truth is that most of these products are NOT safe – and with such loose labelling laws and regulations, manufacturers don’t have to tell us either.

These chemicals play havoc with our hormones, for both men and women.  They can affect our mood, our cycle, reproduction, fertility, and development.

There is a LONG list of harmful ingredients to be weary of, so my approach is the same with food – because really, who has time to be reading and deciphering all those labels – keep it real and natural, and stick with brands that you trust.

My favourite brand and products that I trust wholly and completely are dōTERRA.  They produce incredible products which are all plant based using 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, and the company itself is a culture of wellness which encourages self care.

Here’s a pic of my favourite skincare products (that little gem in the middle there is the most beautiful blend of essential oils that not only smell divine but are a real treat for those pesky lines & wrinkles):


And when it comes to perfume, I like to make my own using essential oils and filling them up into an easy to apply rollerball bottle.

Here are 6 great reasons to make your own perfume using pure essential oils:

  1. You can choose your own fragrance
  2. They contain no fillers, synthetics or harmful chemicals
  3. You can choose a blend according to how you want to feel (more on that in number 5!)
  4. They smell incredible!
  5. And… they help shift our mood – how exciting is that!!  (The biggest challenge my hormone imbalance presented me with was my emotions – argh, nothing would bring me out of that slump, so you can imagine how excited I was to find out about the pure power of essential oils.)

Find out more about getting in on the oily fun and saving on essential oils here, or learn how you could create a joyful and abundant income here.

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