Master Your Mood With These 5 Things

Do you remember how carefree and happy you were as a child?  With the stresses of our busy modern lifestyles, these feelings don’t come as easily for us as adults, so we need to work at them a bit more.  

I used to let my mood run the show, but now I refuse to let a dull mood ruin my day.

We are in total charge of how we show up in life.  

You are the CEO of your body and mind and I want to help you take charge it. To shift how you’re feeling you need to adopt new habits and practices, but they need to be simple otherwise you most likely won’t do them.  Don’t worry, I’ll make this as simple as possible… 



1. Move your body
How many times have you heard this?  I used to always ignore this advice.. ‘seriously, the way I’m feeling right now, the last thing I want to do is put on my running shoes’.  But it really works, those endorphins get a serious shake up.  Go for a run or for a power walk.  It might be hard to get started but you’ll feel great for it afterwards, and for the rest of the day!

(I also highly recommend this when you’re confronted with a block – I guarantee you’ll come back unblocked or feeling a whole lot clearer.)

2. Play some tunes
Who doesn’t love music?  Put on your favourite tune – crank it up, sing and dance away on your own or with your kids in the kitchen while you cook dinner – a good mood is contagious so why not pass it on.

3. Nourish your body with good food
You’ve heard it before and I’ll tell you again.. You Are What You Eat.  Look at everything you eat as an opportunity to nourish and feed your body in the best possible way.  Nourishing your body and cells with good nutrition is one of the most loving things you can do for your body, and we always feel better when we treat ourselves more lovingly.

4. Essential oils
Now I couldn’t leave this post without adding my favourite mood changer.  When I was introduced to pure essential oils 2 years ago I never expected them to rock my world in the way that they have.  If you need to shift your mood or need help in shifting your mind-set even, make essential oils your go-to tool.  It really is so simple, add them to a diffuser or apply them to your body.

Funnily enough the ‘Mood Management Kit’ from doTERRA was the very first kit I started with and I can highly recommend this kit.  I mention it here in my guidebook in case you don’t already have it.

5. Meditation
My reaction to this used to be much the same as ‘move your body’, like ‘argh, really?’  But seriously, this is one habit you want to add to your daily routine.  It’s really very simple, just sit in a quiet and comfortable space for 10 minutes (longer if you can) each morning – get up before your kids if you have to – but commit to this daily practice and watch those subtle but powerful shifts take place.  Quietening our mind is a powerful thing.

So those are just a few of my favourites but I’d love to hear what you love to do to shift your mood?

If you still need some inspiration to shake things up then watch this video with Tony Robbins, this man is epic when it comes to any form of transformation, so hear what he has to say about shifting your mood.


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