Mind, Mood, & Sleep


There are 3 very important aspects to being Whole and Happy – Mind, Mood, & Sleep.

Motherhood and the shake-up of my hormones knocked me for six, mentally and emotionally, so I’m passionate about finding solutions to having a Healthier Mind, a Happier Mood, and getting Quality Sleep.

Mind & Mood

Why are these 3 things so challenging in our modern day world?  Well there are many critical unmet needs we’re facing today on both a nutritional and bio-chemical level.  Many of these needs didn’t even exist a century ago.
In the last 50 years or so we’ve seen some vast changes in our food supply which has resulted in an array of dietary deficiencies, and we’re not actually replacing what we use up biochemically.   When our body’s critical needs are not being met this creates a biochemical imbalance within the body.  This will automatically create a negative mood state.

We’re also faced with a cocktail of toxicity in our environment and skincare products – so when we’re faced with both dietary deficiencies and toxicity we become imbalanced, and this is especially true for women and their hormones.
When it comes to different mood states, here’s some perspective for you… depression is a worry and preoccupation of the past, and anxiety is a worry and preoccupation of the future.

There are two different mood states: true & false

True mood = grief, loss, fear, heartbreak. 

False mood = easily irritated, poor sleep patterns, anxious, overly perfectionistic, very critical of the self and others, easily overwhelmed, and a lack of ability to concentrate.   False moods continuously contribute to low self-confidence.
A false mood state is exacerbated by not getting adequate sleep.  Poor sleep = poor focus. 
I don’t know about you but if I don’t have a good night’s sleep I don’t feel on top of my game.  I feel chemically different, and I am chemically different.  
Very often it’s anxiety, phobias, irrational fears, worried and obsessive states that keep us awake, so we often need to focus on grounding our body and mind.  Three of my favourite oils I use to calm and ground me for a more restful sleep are Vetiver, Roman Chamomile, Wild Orange, Marjoram, Cedarwood and Lavender.  (I don’t use them all together, I tend to blend 2-3 in the diffuser according to what I’m drawn to at the time.)
To Supplement Or Not?
There was a time when if we ate enough fresh fruit and vegetables, then we were getting enough of our daily intake of nutrients, but that’s no longer the case.  The depletion of vitamins and minerals in our soil means our nutritional needs are no longer being met.
Also, our bodies don’t always have the right digestive enzymes to absorb the nutrients needed.  For example, many proteins contain tryptophan which converts to serotonin, the ‘feel good’ chemical but when we don’t have the good bacteria and right enzymes in the gut, then there’s no conversion to the brain.
I take the doTERRA”s Long Life Vitality supplements and these are also what helps support my mood, energy, skin, and sleep.
How Can Essential Oils Help?
Essential oils are made up of natural chemical plant compounds which work with the body on a restorative level assisting the body to return to its natural state.  Synthetic compounds like prescription medications alter our natural state by trying to mimic what exists naturally in the body.  

Synthetic Natural
Not capable of being selective Selective
Antibiotics kill all bacteria, both good and bad.  (Same with chemotherapy – non-selective, hence the side effects.) Naturally selective in keeping the good and getting rid of the bad.

When we smell a molecule from an essential oil it goes directly through the nasal passage and into the limbic part of our brain creating an almost immediate emotional response – this is akin to snorting cocaine and which is why so many people do it because it’s the fastest way to get into the brain outside of intravenous injection.
Diffusing & Absorption Of Essential Oils
One of my favourite ways to use essential oils is in a diffuser.  It only takes 20 minutes for a room to be filled with the aroma, plus everyone in the room benefits.  Or for a more concentrated but temporary inhalation method simply take the lid off and smell the oil from the bottle. 
Another beautiful way to use your oils is to apply directly onto the skin with a carrier oil like a fractionated coconut oil and massage into the skin to create a warming sensation.  When the skin is warm it increases absorption by about 80%.
My most favourite treatment which uses this absorption method is The AromaTouch Technique which is a beautiful treatment involving 8 different oils which are used along the spine and the feet providing immune support and restoring the homeostasis within the body.  If you live local to me then this is a real treat to experience! 
Oils To Use For Different Mood States
Now let’s talk about which oils you use and for what purpose.  When we’re talking about that depressed and detached state, hopeless, resigned and in despair state, then we want to provide the body with the right chemicals that have us become more buoyant, adaptable and optimistic. 
My most favourite oil is Elevation ‘the Joyful blend’.  I use this blend daily on the back of my neck and up towards the brain.  (It contains Melissa which is an incredibly supportive oil for times of grief and sadness brought on by a situation.)
Elevation is amazing for uplifting the mood, and Frankincense also.   Frankincense is one of my favourites, it’s like god in a bottle because it can support and help us heal on many levels.  It’s also my favourite oil to use for meditation.
Any citrus oil is great for bringing that optimism and buoyancy back into the body. 

The ‘Balance’ blend is another one of my ‘daily elixirs’ for keeping me calm, grounded, and less anxious.
Oxygen Energises
One quick burst of exercise can improve concentration and flood the brain with oxygen and activate those brain chemicals like dopamine.
Low energy is one of the top health concerns that people have and it’s especially prevalent with those people who are experiencing that low vibration or false mood state.
Our adrenal glands are tightly linked to our energy levels – if you experience that highly strung and wound up feeling, mental chatter, burnout, exhaustion, lack of short term memory, that sort of thing, then you want to look at how you can improve your body’s chemistry and really looking at the adrenals being a major support system for that.  (Basil and Rosemary are two very supportive oils for our adrenals.)
In conclusion, I want to share from my heart to yours about what I know and believe to be true…
A regular self-nurturing practice is fundamental to taking your wellbeing to the next level in your healing journey.  This is vital in achieving a healthy balance and experiencing peace and joy in your life.

Peace & Joy Are Your Birthright 

When you advocate for yourself and experience those authentic emotions, instead of continuing to repress those false emotions, then you are going to notice a marked shift in how you feel and how you process and walk through life. 
Be true to who you are.
Much love,

P.s. The ultimate upgrade in women’s self care is incorporating pure essential oils.  If you’re ready to get started simply email me at thiswholesomelife@gmx.com with ‘I’m ready to get started’ in the subject line and I’ll be in touch!  Or, if you already know what you want, then simply follow this link for some Simple Steps >>> http://thiswholesomelife.co.uk/start-your-essential-oil-journey-here/


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