How To Create A Morning Routine To Set You Up For The Day

They say that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’.  Well yes, I would have to agree with that, but how we start our day is pretty important too.
I used to wake up naturally, lounge about in my PJ’s, have a cup of tea + toast, have a LONG bath or shower before getting dressed… and then I had children.
My children can wake up grumpy, really grumpy.  So I not only need to be ready for that but I need to get myself in the right zone to set me up for the day.
I need to connect with myself before I can connect properly with anyone else.


It doesn’t always happen in this order but most mornings look a little something like this…
Alarm goes off at 6am.
Head upstairs to my ‘sacred space’, that being my comfy meditation chair with its lush sheepskin draped over it.
Place a drop of Frankincense on my third eye – Frankincense is the Oil of Truth and is a wonderful oil to use in any spiritual practice.
Massage Balance onto the bottoms of my feet and cover with my favourite cashmere socks (life’s little luxuries!) – Balance is one of my most favourite grounding blends to help set me up for the day.  I talk more about this blend here.
Spend 15 minutes in meditation, either in silence or using a guided meditation.
Pick one of my Angel tarot cards and write my 3 big intentions and goals for the day.
Listen to a podcast or periscope replay of inspiring leaders in business I love to follow and tune into.
Go downstairs at 7am to make my lemon and water and wait for my boys to come downstairs – I am READY for them, ready to cuddle and snuggle them, no matter how grumpy they are.
Connecting with our feminine, fun-loving, and soulful selves makes us far more productive, present, and patient in the mornings and for the remainder of the day.
Create a morning routine that you will fall in love with – that way, when your alarm goes off you won’t want to turn over and go back to sleep.
What does your ideal morning look like?  Mine has taken some tweaking and it doesn’t always go to plan but having that ‘plan’ keeps me on track. 
Why not start experimenting with a morning plan that works for you.  Start with 2-3 things that will make you feel good, and set your alarm accordingly.
I would love to hear how it goes for you!  You can send me a message at
Being a woman isn’t always easy, sometimes we need support from our sisters to lift us up and through the tricky moments.  If you know someone who might find this helpful, I hope you’ll share it with them.
Much love,
Bridget xo 

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