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My secret weapon to curb those cravings AND help you lose weight

curb your sweet tooth

Let’s face it, sugar is addictive and what’s more, we’re biologically programmed to binge on it and become obsessed by it.

We know sugar makes us fat and fatigued because it’s all we hear about these days.  We’re also seduced by sugar everywhere we go.


I want to share with you a secret ingredient that will help you not only reduce those sugar cravings, but help you lose weight, and get your energy back (because we all know that after the sugar rush it sucks our energy.)

So here is one of my ‘secret weapons’ to curb that craving:

Coconut oil – yep, I know what you’re thinking – what and why coconut oil?

I eat this stuff by the tablespoon directly from the jar and it stops those cravings in their tracks.  (Or if you want to flavour it up add some raw cacao powder for a simple chocolatey snack.)

How does it work?  Coconut oil is made up of medium-chain fatty acids and these fatty acids produce a whole host of health benefits!  Basically your body sends these fatty acids straight to your liver to use as energy.


This means that the coconut oil is a source of instant energy, in the same way as sugar and other simple carbohydrates.  So although all these three deliver quick energy, coconut oil does not produce an insulin spike in your bloodstream like sugar and simple carbohydrates.

It also fills you up!  If you consume 1-2 tablespoons I promise you won’t be hungry for at least a couple of hours.

Ssshhh… coconut oil will also help you LOSE WEIGHT

Yep, it’s those medium-chain fatty acids again – when these fatty acids are sent to the liver, it promotes “thermogenesis” which increases the body’s metabolism.  Plus medium-chain fatty acids are not easily converted into stored triglycerides (longer-chain fat) and therefore cannot be readily used by the body to make larger fat molecules.

Clients often ask me “what sort of coconut oil should I buy?”  And that’s a very good question because there are a lot of brands out there!  I’d recommend buying from your local health food store and asking for an organic 100% pure coconut oil.  I use a lot of it so I buy it in bulk from Amazon who also stock some decent brands.

If you decide to try coconut oil to curb your craving I’d love to hear how you get on!  Coconut oil is my favourite oil and it has many other uses but I’ll save that for another day…

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3 Things You Can Do For Attainable Weight-Loss


How many different ways have you tried to lose weight?  Have you hit a brick wall and thought “where to now, what’s really going to work?”  Most weight loss programs are about controlling portions and eating less, which only leaves you feeling deprived and like you’re missing out.  Which eventually has us running to the nearest cookie jar or bar of chocolate – then how do you feel?  Pretty crappy right?

You want to be left feeling full, satisfied, and like you’re not missing out right?

Incorporate these foods and habits into your diet and you’re on the path to better health and shedding unwanted weight:

  1. Say Yes To Good Fats!

Eating the right kinds of fats will help you master your hunger, they will allow your body to absorb more nutrients, and they’ll help your body balance your blood sugar.  Stock up on these babies: avocado, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, olive oil.

  1. Full on Fibre

Fibre is not only essential for good health but it keeps you feeling full and satisfied.  The right kinds of fibre (and we’re not talking Shreddies here) are packed with nutrients, and they’ll keep your bowels working like a dream!  Leafy greens, legumes, and whole-grains are some great examples of good wholesome fibre.

  1. Change your Habits
  • Be prepared. On a hunger scale being 1-10, start thinking about your next meal at about a three.  That way you won’t skip a meal and end up running for the nearest Krispy Kreme.
  • Eat mindfully and chew your food. Too many of us eat on the run and eat way too fast.  This habit in itself helps you gain weight (but that requires another blog post!)  Put this habit at the top of your priority list when eating.  Really taste your food.  Put your knife and fork down between bites, really chew the food, and breathe.
  • Feeling full. On a fullness scale of 1-10, with 10 being completely stuffed, stop eating at around seven or eight.

It’s not about being perfect and getting it right every day, but if you strive towards adding these daily habits into your diet, I promise you’ll not only start to feel better but you’ll start to shed unwanted weight.

Still want something sweet?  Then go get it baby… just make sure it’s not full of processed ingredients – and really taste it and enjoy it!

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How to nourish your children without spending hours in the kitchen

So here goes last night’s conversation with one of my boys:

“Mummy, what are we having for dinner?”

“Cheesy beans babe”

“Awww… but we always have cheesy beans” (THEY DON’T)

People seem to think I have it all figured out and that every item of food that lands on our table is cooked from scratch. Wrong. I’m just like you.

Cooking real food takes real time so if I was doing this for every meal I’d have no time for myself or my children. My realistic goal is aiming for 80% of the time.

Prepping and planning makes life so much easier and at this time of year soups and stews are ideal. I don’t know where I’d be without my slow cooker – this genius appliance saves me a lot of time in the kitchen plus it’s big enough to make leftovers – leftovers for the next day or storing in the freezer are the way to go for an easy life! Plus have you noticed how much more flavoursome it is the next day?

Cooking every meal from scratch is near impossible without burnout so adopt the motto ‘cook once, eat twice’ (or three or four times and box up for the freezer).

Now our boys are older they can eat most things we eat which makes life much easier. They still object to new dishes but that’s because it’s new, however… perseverance pays off. Dishes they were turning their nose up at a month ago they now love.

As some of you know I’m also a huge advocate for smoothies – smoothies can be made full of nourishing goodness, they’re quick, easy, and they’re so digestible – win win!

It always surprises me when my boys enjoy the smoothies I make and nothing makes me happier than when they happily drink or eat something without complaint and I know it’s nourishing them in so many ways. Getting them involved in the making process always helps (although I try and cover their eyes when the spinach or kale goes in).

I’ll be posting more delicious recipes to my blog soon but if there’s anything you’d really like to see please post a comment in the box below and/or if there’s anything that resonated with you in this post I’d love to hear that too!

Happy blending, stewing, slow cooking, or whatever it is that nourishes your family in the most stress-free way.

Health & happiness,

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