Chocolate Quinoa Nests

As a kid did you LOVE those chocolate rice krispie nests as much as I did?  Well these are a healthier version of those and they’re pretty good I have to say!

chocolate quinoa nests

1 ½ cups of popped/puffed quinoa
1/3 cup raw cacao powder
6 tablespoons pure maple syrup
5 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoons almond butter

Place the coconut oil, cacao powder, maple syrup and almond butter into a saucepan and gently heat for a few minutes until smooth and melted. While this melts, pour the quinoa pops into a mixing bowl.

Pour the mix over the quinoa pops and stir together until all the quinoa pops have been covered in chocolate.

Scoop the mix into small cupcake holders and place them in the fridge for approx. an hour, then serve and enjoy!  (makes approx. 15-20 depending on the size of your cases.)

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