Emotions + Essential Oils

I love talking about Emotions and I love talking about Oils. So today I wanted to put those 2 together and help you find emotional balance and harmony, so you can be that indestructible mama this summer… while you’re kicking back on the sun lounger or running around after your kids.

If our emotions are out of whack, everything is going to be out of whack. Our actions will match the way that we feel, which directly influences our results.

That means if we want to get the results we want in our life, then we need to keep those emotions in check. That isn’t always easy… and that’s why I LOVE essential oils.  They have been a HUGE support to me over the past 2 years.

I have several favourites when it comes to supporting my emotions but my new favourite is the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit. It has these amazing blends of oils all in one cool kit – and if you’re new to oils it’s perfect as it makes it so SIMPLE.

You just need to look at the wheel (as shown below) and it will tell you everything you need to know.  So you always know which blend you need at any given time – easy peasy!

You can use them as pure-fumes on your pulse points, or if you are anything like me (and the other 4 million doTERRA users), you will fall in love with the way it fills a room with its aroma.  So, a diffuser to accompany your gorgeous oils is a must.  

And guess what?  When you become a doTERRA member with this kit, you also get the cute little Petal diffuser – how cool and cute is that little diffuser?

Becoming a member is a beautiful thing, you are not locked into anything, there are no catches, you simply have access to the cleanest and purest essential oils in the world plus other high quality products at 25% below retail price – cool huh?

So if you are ready to start your essential oil journey then Click Here to start shopping.  Or, if you have any questions then I am here to help so just hit reply to this email, or message me at bridget.thiswholesomelife@gmail.com 


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