My new favourite kitchen tool!

kitchen tool

I would say my diet is mostly gluten-free and partly grain-free.  In an ideal world I’d be completely free of both (as I feel so much better when I am), but let’s face it, there are limited options for this restricted diet, and less time when you’re feeding a family.

So when I heard about the spiralizer I got pretty excited!  But when I presented the idea to my husband it was met with a big fat NO.  ‘Not another appliance, please’.  And to be fair, the only spiralizer I could find back then was BIG.

And then I heard about a spiralizer that not only produced the same great results, but which was much smaller, it’s this one HERE – it’s a little gem and it takes up virtually no space at all.


Ok so you’re probably thinking ‘yeah but zoodles (i.e. strings of courgette) don’t taste like pasta’, but seriously, once you’ve got all the other ingredients together you’d never know!  And it’s SO much better for the belly, my digestion always works well when I eat this way.

You can use it to spiral sweet potato and carrot etc but our favourite has been courgette (or zucchini, depending on where you’re from).

To learn more about a grain free diet and why you’d consider it the Wellness Mama explains all HERE.

You won’t find this appliance gathering dust at the back of a cupboard.

For some Zoodle inspiration CLICK HERE.

Happy Zoodling!


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