Essential Oils for a Happy & Healthy Winter

It has been a little over 2 years since I bought my first essential oils kit and I honestly couldn’t imagine a winter without them now.  Coincidently, it has also been approximately 2 years since we visited our doctor.  I can safely say that getting started with essential oils was the best decision I made.

Their purity, potency, and effectiveness have exceeded all my expectations.  And I love that I can support my little family so naturally.  They love choosing oils to put in the diffuser and they know just which ones they need at any given time.  And my heart bursts seeing them empowered with these beautiful oils.

winter wellnessSo let me share with you some of the ways we support our family’s health during winter which are both 100% natural (all the goodness from mother nature) & 100% safe!

FRANKINCENSE: I add Frankincense to our immunity boosting flu bomb and massage it onto the bottoms of our feet (the feet is a great place to apply oils as it gets into the bloodstream in just 30 seconds!).  Frankincense has multiple benefits that supports our bodies on many different levels, such as a healthy cellular function and boosted immunity to name just a couple.  It’s not called the ‘King of Oils’ for nothing 🙂

The flu bomb can be made up in a roller bottle or for an adult they can be taken in a veggie cap.


MELALEUCA (otherwise known as TEA TREE): Melaleuca is another oil added to our flu bomb.  Melaleuca by nature is a disinfectant so it’s wonderful to diffuse to help purify the air of any airborne germs or bacteria.  Melaleuca is very high in anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties making it a powerful support the healthy immune system as well as supporting clear breathing.

LEMON: Lemon is one of our go to oils.  Like with all doTERRA essential oils the oils is sourced from where the plant grows natively and naturally.  So you’re getting the best of the best with this Lemon as it’s cold pressed from the Sicilian lemons.  I have it in my water throughout the day for its cleansing benefits, anti-viral and respiratory support.  It’s incredibly versatile and a must have for winter.

OREGANO: known as ‘natures antibiotic’ Oregano is one powerful oil, so it is a key ingredient in the flu bomb.  However Oregano needs to be used with caution, it is a ‘hot’ oil so it should always be diluted.  It’s extremely high in antioxidants so it’s the first oil to come out for any viral symptoms.

ON GUARD: if illness strikes fast and we have little time to make up an immune bomb then On Guard is our best friend!  This powerful ‘protective blend’ is used in nearly 200 hospitals in the US to ward off nasty viruses.  I will diffuse On Guard and Frankincense all the way through winter.  It contains Wild Orange, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, & Clove which is nature’s highest antioxidant.  I have this blend in a roller bottle which I roll on the bottoms of my children’s feet each morning for daily immune support.

BREATHE (also known as Easy Air): a popular blend for the winter months to support our respiratory system.  Think snotty noses, colds, coughs, even snoring!  It contains peppermint, eucalyptus, melaleuca, lemon and cardamom.  If we have any respiratory issues we diffuse Breathe at night time with some Lavender to support any respiratory issues and a good night’s sleep.  This can also be made up in a roller bottle to roll onto the bottoms of feet, chest & back.

So that’s just some of the essential oils and blends I use to support our family.  All the oils mentioned come in our Home Essentials kit.  This kit offers the BEST value for anyone starting their essential oil journey.  Click Here to learn more about this incredible kit & its many uses.

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Have a beautiful day!

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