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As a mum I’ve never felt more empowered being able to support my children’s health with something that is not only 100% plant-based but that works so effectively.  It’s one of the greatest gifts to have a healthy and happy family.

I would like to share with you some simple ways I use essential oils with my children.  (Please note: whilst reactions to essential oils tend to be minor, caution is required due to the potency of some essential oils.)

me and boys

Here are just a few ways I use essential oils with our family:

When I run their bath I add 4 drops Lavender with a little milk (the milk helps it disperse itself throughout the bath.). While the bath is running I pop some Lavender or Serenity (our gorgeous calming blend) with some Wild Orange in the diffuser.  This creates a wonderful calming atmosphere.  If you have boys you’ll know this is much needed 😉

Respiratory Support:
The moment there is a cough going around, snot (so gross, sorry!) we diffuse the respiratory blend and apply to the underside of the kids feet.  This blend supports their breathing throughout the night.

I have 7 year old twins boys so we ALWAYS have something going on with the skin from either a football or rugby injury.  Lavender is the first oil to come out for any skin irritations.  Whilst we know Lavender is very calming for the mind, but did you know it’s also wonderfully calming for the skin?  Think cuts, crazes, bumps, bruises, nappy rash, sunburn, and even bites and burns!

We have Lavender in our ‘Owie’ spray.  Owie spray is like the best Dettol you ever had without the sting.  It includes Lavender, Melaleuca (Tea Tree), and Frankincense diluted with some fractionated carrier oil.  Frankincense is very soothing and healing for the skin and Melaleuca is by nature a disinfectant so it naturally cleans the wound.

Germs away:
If there is the slightest illness going around then I’ll apply the On Guard Protective Blend onto the soles of their feet then we cover with socks.  On Guard is an absolute powerhouse for the immune system.  Through the winter months I love to diffuse it with Frankincense, such a heavenly aroma with multiple health benefits, both physically and emotionally.

We are always diffusing a range of essential oils throughout the day to support our emotions.  We like to start the day with uplifting and motivating citrus oils or peppermint.  Then towards the end of the day when the children get home from school we put on something calmer like Lavender, Frankincense, & Wild Orange – have I told you yet that this is my absolute favourite blend?

I also love to use our grounding blend Balance for both myself and the children.  I call it ‘mama’s medicine’ but I also like to use it with the children if anyone has their cranky pants on or for heightened emotions.

For further information on Essential Oils for kids, please watch this clip from Dr Hill:

I truly could not imagine being without these incredible natural tools to support myself and my family.  I don’t know of another product that can support our physical and emotional health so powerfully as well as detox our homes. Yep, all we use to clean our home is distilled water, white vinegar and essential oils!

All the oils mentioned above are in our Home Essentials kit.  This is the most popular kit to get started with for its multiple uses.

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This month of March is an extra special time to get started because with every 200pv order (i.e. such as the Home Essentials kit) you receive a Free Immortelle (known as Salubelle in Australia/NZ) worth £96!

Known as the ‘beautifying anti-age’ blend, this gorgeous blend includes the most precious oils into one beautiful blend.  It is known as the Oil of Spiritual Insight, due to the high vibrational oils to assist with the connection between spirit and body, heaven and earth.

It includes Frankincense, Sandalwood, Lavender, Myrrh and can be used to assist the release of negative energy, darkness and limiting perceptions.

Apply over the heart, back of neck, forehead or pulse points for tension and mood balance.  Apply topically to scars, stretch marks or sunspots.  This blend is perfect to apply to the face daily for blemishes or replenishing the skin.

To place an order for the Home Essentials kit or to place a customised order, Click Here & select ‘Join & Save’.  Your Free Immortelle gift will be automatically added to your cart.

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Love + light,
Bridget xo 

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