How to SOOTHE, HEAL, & NOURISH Skin naturally

I used to spend silly amounts on perfecting my skin, like $$$!!  And I still wasn’t happy. I also had zero clue about the 1,000’s of chemicals in the products I was using – did you know 13,000 chemicals are used in beauty products, and only 10 percent have been safety tested?  Whoa.

How to SOOTHE, HEAL, & NOURISH Skin naturally

It’s the manufacturers responsibility to safety test their products (with no third party to over-see this process) and even then, they’re under no obligation to disclose its results. Just because it’s sold over-the-counter does not make it safe for use.

Just 15 months ago I stripped it ALL back. I’m happier with my skin in my 40’s than I was in my 30’s. It works out a WHOLE lot cheaper too! 

I started with a super simple morning cleanser using 3 essential oils I refer to as the ‘skin trio’.


doTERRA Lavender – is very calming, soothing, and healing for the skin. It’s also a great little anti-ager.

doTERRA Melaleuca aka Tea Tree – nature’s disinfectant! Incredibly clean and cleansing for impurities or blemishes.

doTERRA Frankincense – a great little anti-ager for helping smooth out lines, wrinkles, soothe, heal and repair the skin like magic!

I simply add 6-8 drops of each oil to some organic virgin coconut oil in a 50ml pot. I take a little on the finger each morning and massage all over my face, including my eyes – oh it’s A-mazing for removing eye make-up (with zero sting!)

It leaves my skin feeling soft, supple, and clear with zero redness or blotchiness – yeah!

To protect yourself and ensure you’re using only safe personal care products, check the EWG database here.  It is also a great source for learning more about which household products are safe for use.  (Whilst the EWG is a US site it also contains information for some globally used brands.).

Remember, our skin is highly absorbent – think about how a nicotine patch works, our skin sucks up anything we apply on it, so we want our skin products to be good enough to eat!

Bridget xo 


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