Immunity Boosting Snack for Children

There’s apples and then there’s immunity boosting apples… when our family discovered the incredible physical health benefits of On Guard essential oil through topical and aromatic use, my first thought was “how else can I get this oil into my children?”


And then it was as if the Universe heard my whispered request because the next thing I did was log onto Facebook and I discovered this gem of an idea!  Now my kids have this as a snack almost every day after school.

On Guard is our protective blend, it boosts and protects our immune system in a really powerful way.  It was the first oil I used for a physical ailment when I got started with essential oils.  One of my boys was sick, like really sick, he had a vomiting bug that we’d been up all night with.  So I grabbed my On Guard and massaged some on the bottoms of his feet with some carrier oil, as well as diffuse it into the air.  By midday he was sitting up eating lunch, with colour back in his face, like nothing had ever happened.  It blew my mind.

So you see, I was pretty determined to find another way to get On Guard into my children 😉

It’s jam packed with antioxidants, killing bacteria and free radicals.  It also smells and tastes like Christmas!

So here’s the recipe:
:: Fill a bowl with 1 1/2 cups fresh filtered water
:: Add 2 drops On Guard + 2 drops Wild Orange (Wild Orange adds great flavour plus it’s also high in antioxidants) 
:: Chop up 2 x organic apples and add to the bowl.

I like to soak them for 20-30 minutes (the longer the soak, the better the flavour).  Then drain and serve.  

My boys absolutely love these so I hope your children do too.

Bridget xo 

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