BethI’ve had many massages, and always ask them to apply lots of pressure & I expect it to hurt as I always thought that gave me the best result. Well I’ve just had my first ArōmaTouch massage and I feel the same benefits, but relaxed instead of sore because of the amazing oils used. I think 8 in total, my body & sinuses were reaping the benefits an hour later. Also it’s the first time I’ve had my feet massaged & enjoyed it. I want to go back to Bridget because she makes you very comfortable, and she is thoroughly passionate & knowledgeable about what, & where each oil & touch effects you.” – Beth Salem

Last night I slept for 9 hours straight. It’s a long time since I have done that without waking up several times during the night. It can’t be a coincidence that I slept so soundly after having had a wonderful, soothing and relaxing massage from Bridget only a few hours before. I suffer from eczema, a life long condition and not one that causes me much aggravation but these days mainly on my back. The combination of oils that Bridget used have really helped my back and today it feels better than it has done in weeks. I found the treatment really relaxing and today, I feel much calmer than I have done in days. I would highly recommend this treatment which concentrated on both my back and the soles of my feet. I’d like to feel like this every day!” – Rachel Norman-Bailey

loraI was hesitant about working with Bridget due to my past “failures”, I had already eliminated sugar, tried slow carb, exercise, but nothing seemed to help me lose the extra weight.  I was quite certain something else had to be wrong.

Working with Bridget was amazing, by the end of our time together I was releasing the weight off my body CONSISTENTLY and I was amazed at how my cravings had also gone away.

If you struggle with your weight and feel like you’ve tried many things, don’t give up, I highly recommend working with Bridget as she is quite simply a miracle worker!

She knows of many ways that prevent us from releasing the weight and she has many tools up her sleeve to help us find the individual way that works for each person.  From our very first session I felt a great sense of calm – I felt ‘safe’ and her positive and inspiring energy always made me feel so good after we spoke. 

I truly didn’t think I could lose weight while living in Texas, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me do what I thought was impossible!!” – Lora Frost

melly 1I’m a mum to 3 little ones. I have always been a healthy eater……until my twins arrived. Since then, little sleep, the arrival of number 3 soon after and no time to prepare meals meant a viscous cycle of carbs and coffee to keep me going until bedtime, then eating late and piling on the pounds. I have neglected my health over the last 4 years and I could not see a way out until the last one starts school and that is just too far away!

Thankfully, Bridget came to my rescue! Her knowledge, experience, practical and sensible approach makes the 28-day programme a dream to follow….and which led to some incredible changes.

What amazed me, was in just a few days my energy levels soared and I lost that bloated sluggish feeling.

The meals are all delicious and so easy to prepare, even with a busy schedule. The kale and cranberry salad is my favourite so far and I have it about 3 times a week.  I’ve found it invaluable and my children love most of the meals I have prepared (which makes it easier still). Thank you Bridget!”    – Melly Beskin

nickyBridget comes with a wealth of knowledge in nutrition, especially when it involves healthy eating and listening to your body. If it wasn’t for her, I would have continued eating the wrong foods and be no closer to finding a solution to my food allergies.

The biggest tangible change I’ve noticed since beginning her 3 month program has been the reduction in my abdominal bloating and my skin.  My skin looks much clearer, healthier and it glows!

Bridget has been such a great coach to me and has given me a new look on healthy eating, living well and most of all… living positively.  I would highly recommend Bridget to anyone suffering a stomach/food related issue or allergy, or to anyone who would just like to make a healthier change in their life.  Thank you again Bridget for your help, guidance and friendship.”          – Nicky Da Silva, London

figsI’ve just reached the end of week 1 of Bridget’s online Thrive & Shine program and I have already lost 3 pounds! I feel more committed to change than ever! This program is so easy to follow!

I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life and I’ve been dieting for as long as I can remember.  This is the first time I finally feel like I CAN lose weight – and it’s not a chore to do so, plus the recipes are delicious!  Thanks so much!”            – Lysta Campbell, New Zealand


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